… December 15th and the temperatures are still very inviting…

Even at Christmas it is still warm in Alicante!  During December we get a few cloudy days and even a few days of rain but for the most part, the skies are blue and bright and the temperatures are comfortable for walking.  Even on Christmas Eve we saw some brave Scandinavians taking a swim in the sea (without wet-suits)!

The cruise ships are most frequent to our city in the Spring and Fall as they transition to and from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean.  Every day in front of both Little Sunny House 1 and 2 we see tourists stopping to take pictures of this idyllic location.  On days when there are no cruise ships, the cafes have more elbow room, the wait times at restaurants are shorter, and you can stretch out a little without bumping in to so many other tourists.


… early December from the castle, our daughter enjoys the view – Little Sunny House 1 just below…

Even in the evenings it isn’t too cold out to go for a walk.  Daily we see tourists walking around town in the evening.


Many days this month we have enjoyed watching the sun set from the terrace, and on some days we didn’t even need a jacket!


Every evening there is a steady stream of tourists from the outlying apartments into the city center.  Even by Christmas time, we have daily temperatures of 17 or 18 degrees (64 F) and in the sun it feels more like 20 or 22 (72 F).  Our guests from Northern Europe comment on how warm it is.  One guest showed me photos from her home near Milan, Italy, the streets ankle deep in snow.


… looking towards the Castle Santa Barbara from Postiguet Beach on Christmas Eve…

There is a large national holiday early in the month and the town fills up with tourists, many from Madrid, and the (this year) 5 day weekend had all the feeling of Easter or New Years. There is a large slide set up on the Hacienda Plaza and the ice skate rink at the Town Hall is open all month.

Along the path up the mountain to Castle Santa Barbara, the Santa’s House in La Ereta Park is opened and Santa and all his elves entertain children and pose for photos (free). This really is something to see – it is one of the best Santa displays we have ever seen complete with a furnished Santa’s home and elves in costume to direct the parents and children. Arrive early as the line can stretch over 100 meters in the evenings and on the weekends. There are also children’s carnival attractions (bouncy castle) and food and drink available. It seems the tradition of for the men to grab a beer and hold the place in line while the Moms take the kids for a play at the attractions. As the sun sets over the nearby old town it is quite a view.


… Rincon de Antonio just below the Santa’s Village at Parque de la Areta…

While a few restaurants and shops close up for Christmas and New Years, there are enough open that you always have a great selection to choose from. And as there are fewer tourists, getting a table is easy.


… At the San Nicolas Cathedral square, we were the first to sit down at this restaurant for lunch but by the time we left about 2/3rds of the tables were full…

Every day we walk and just amaze at how lovely the weather is.



… On Christmas Eve, the Postiguet Beach boardwalk was full of locals and tourists…

If you are considering a holiday, we truly believe that Alicante is a great holiday destination. If you have time in December, there is a lot to do and see. The weather is pleasant and the mood is calm and relaxed. Prices for hotels and apartments are easily 1/2 rate compared to the summer season and some even lower. Because there are more rooms than tourists, you can find some of the best deals of the year!


… a travelling artist made this sand sculpture in about 2 hours on Christmas Eve at Postiguet Beach…

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